Free Counselling, Tools and Support for All Canadians

We are very excited to announce that Homewood Health is in partnership with Kids Help Phone, Stepped Care Solutions, and supported by Greenspace Mental Health, to deliver Wellness Together Canada - a full range of free mental health support and counselling to people of all ages in every part of Canada.

Funded by Health Canada, Wellness Together Canada is available in both English and French as an online portal/website and can be accessed at It can also be accessed by phone.

Find out more by going online today or call 1-866-585-0445

​COVID-19 Services Update

Like all healthcare organizations navigating this uncertain and truly unprecedented time, Homewood Health Centre has been working at all levels to prepare for COVID-19. 

We continue to admit patients to the Homewood Health Centre.

In order to limit the risk of exposure to our patients and staff, we have taken a number of measures.

  • We have mandatory, active screening stations at all our entrances for staff, patients, volunteers and vendors to ensure everyone entering our facility is in good health and is not registering a fever. Our screening questionnaire aligns with the latest recommendations from the Ontario Ministry of Health.
  • We are screening new patients several times before they are admitted – including a wellness screen and temperature read at admission – and are carefully monitoring the health and wellness of all our patients with daily assessments and at least once daily temperature checks.
  • Staff at Homewood Health Centre wear masks at all times in our clinical areas and in all interactions with patients, and each other.
  • Upon admission, each patient is provided with two cloth masks and instructions on how to wear and wash their masks. 
  • Patients also complete an infection prevention in COVID-19 module within their first two days of admission to ensure they understand how to best protect themselves and others and have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Our facility was sprayed with a high quality, antimicrobial disinfectant – including all common areas and patient rooms – and our staff are all trained in infection control and prevention methods.
  • We moved to eliminate therapeutic leaves and visitors to our facilities in advance of widespread adoption of these policies and have adjusted our programming and spaces to allow for physical distancing at all times by both patients and staff. Homewood Health recognizes the important, supportive role loved ones play in the recovery and wellness of our patients. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in our region, we are following the latest guidelines from public health authorities regarding visitors and will be re-evaluating our visitor policy regularly to ensure that the safety of our staff, patients and patient families is prioritized. If a loved one is a current patient at Homewood Health Centre, please connect with them or their unit staff for the most up-to-date policy around visitors to their program. 

As it is in all healthcare facilities, this situation continues to evolve rapidly and we are working to limit the risk and protect our patients and our staff. We thank our team and all healthcare workers for their efforts on the front lines and our hearts go out to people and families suffering through the effects of COVID-19.

For admitting or referrals contact 1.866.839.2594 or fax 519.767.3533

Located in Guelph, Ontario, the Homewood Health Centre is one of the largest mental health and addiction facilities in Canada

It is unique in Canadian healthcare serving as a specialized provincial and national resource as well as providing essential regional services for residents of Guelph and Wellington County. A fully accredited facility, the Health Centre achieves the highest standards of care, and is a recipient of numerous national awards.

Homewood Specialized Services

Our inpatient programs deliver innovative, holistic care to address each patient’s specific needs. Adhering to the highest standards of clinical integrity and medical care, we help to instill the knowledge, skills and tools our patients need to return to a healthy and productive life.

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Regional Services

We help to keep our community healthy. Homewood provides essential mental health and addiction services to residents of Guelph and Wellington County. From education and outreach to outpatient programming to crisis care, we help individuals function optimally in our community.

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The Homewood Health Centre is a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free campus.

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Robyn's Story

"Through my stay here at Homewood I have made incredible progress. I am astonished by the transformation I have seen in myself. It is hard to believe that just months ago I was deep in the throes of an eating disorder, and now I feel absolutely amazing. I feel like a whole new person. I have hope for the future and confidence that I can achieve my dreams of going to school, becoming a nurse, getting married and eventually having children."

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