Program for Older Adults

An expert approach to geriatric psychiatry

After a lifetime of experience, older adults dealing with depression, anxiety, dementia, or other mental health needs deserve to maintain their dignity and autonomy. Homewood delivers exceptional care to older adults. Our multidisciplinary clinical team, led by physicians, offers three treatment streams to meet the diverse needs of our patients. All three streams provide a comprehensive assessment, individualized treatment and recommendations for the continued management of care after discharge.


Expertise and Specific Objectives

The key objectives of the Program for Older Adults are to: be a centre of excellence for inpatient assessment and treatment for older adults in Guelph-Wellington and throughout Ontario; promote awareness and understanding of the mental health needs of older adults; serve as an educational resource to the community on a range of issues from prevention to treatment; and provide support and education for patients and their families.

Program Streams

The Homewood POA has specific streams that are designed to help older adults with their mental health challenges. Learn more below. 

Mood, Anxiety & Psychosis

Our comprehensive program is responsive to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues specific to older adults.

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Our team helps older adults to cope with the cognitive impairment caused by the disease of dementia.

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Homewood provides care for older adults in crisis. Our team helps reduce risk and find a resolution.

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Effective assessment and treatment

Homewood’s holistic approach to clinical assessment and treatment provides patients with the opportunity to explore physical, psychological, psycho-social and spiritual issues along with the resulting emotions and behaviours. All referral information is reviewed by Homewood staff before the pre-admission assessment that may be conducted in the community (in conjunction with local community mental health programs) to determine the need for admission to Homewood Health Centre. 

"My mother...

...had an outstanding, caring and wonderful staff. The service and friendliness from the staff was absolutely wonderful. My brother could not say enough about how caring the staff were. I must say the staff in POA went above and beyond their duties to make my mother's stay a comfortable and happy one!!"

How to Get Help

To be admitted to the program, you require a referral from your doctor or other healthcare professional. We can help you with the patient referral and admissions process. Click below to learn more, or read on about additional Health Centre programs.

Admission to the Program
Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery (PTSR)

Homewood Health Centre’s Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery creates a sense of community, where trauma survivor helps trauma survivor through the healing process.

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Addiction Medicine Service (AMS)

We provide services for adults suffering from addictions with a number of specialized tracks including healthcare professionals and those with concurrent psychiatric disorders.

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Assessment and Stabilization Unit (ASU)

In this unit Homewood provides comprehensive, independent psychiatric and functional assessments. These include assessments of individuals with complex mental health problems.

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Meaning, purpose and hope

All streams of the Program for Older Adults provide comprehensive assessment, treatment and discharge planning in a safe environment designed to enhance dignity and autonomy. Every patient has an individualized treatment plan that encourages the exploration of self-worth, meaning, purpose and hope – all integral elements to improving quality of life.

Want to Learn More?

Contact the Program Coordinator at 519.824.1010, extension 32545.

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