Helping plan members get better, with a full range of services

We help create healthy and productive workplaces for your clients

Homewood services focus on helping organizations and plan members get better. We create, innovate, and collaborate and to make sure they get the help they need, when they need it. Our continuum of care is unique and we are the Canadian leader in mental health and addiction treatment.

Our Unique Continuum of Care

We offer Canada’s only complete continuum of mental health, addiction and EFAP services. That continuum delivers your clients real value in case management and price while ensuring that individual plan members have the support that keeps them well, gets them back to work and sustains their good health.

Stay-at-Work Services

Your clients' success depends on their plan members being healthy and productive. Homewood helps them sustain good health through our integrated approach to workplace wellness. We support their wellness directly with proven, solution-focused programs and health promotion activities.

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Return-to-Work Services

A full spectrum of services that help plan members achieve a quick, safe and sustained return to work. This helps to reduce your clients' absenteeism costs and improve productivity. Services are evidence-based and delivered by a national team of mental health professionals.

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You know that more than 21% of the working population experiences mental health challenges that affect their work, and that investments in a healthier workplace produce significant ROI. Homewood is ready to help with expedited treatment options and coordinated management strategies.

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Committed to Your Clients & Their Plan Members

Our services are aimed at advancing the health and productivity of your organizational clients and their individual plan members through evidence-based education, behaviour change, workplace development and health promotion.

"I am grateful that Homewood is here to help people in crisis and those suffering from grief, depression and addictions."