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Mental health and addiction treatment for your employees

Employees who are suffering from the effects of mental health and addiction issues negatively impact productivity and create roadblocks to success. Providing early and immediate access to treatment will reduce the impact of presenteeism for the unwell working employee, reduce the likelihood of a short-term absence becoming a more costly long-term disability, and reduce the duration of existing short-term or long-term disability claims.

Investing in tested, work-focused treatment, with ongoing aftercare, for your suffering employee is the right thing to do for both your employee, and for your organization.

“I look forward to coming to the program every day. I don’t think I’d be clean and sober right now without it.”

– Edmonton Clinic patient

The Homewood Clinic will help you get employees back to work and keep them there

Using evidence-based, work focused treatment, your employee will work with Homewood’s expert clinicians to learn new skills, build their resilience, and increase their stamina to help them get back to work.

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