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Homewood Health launches Pathfinder, its new digital platform - combining market-leading digital innovation with Homewood’s deep expertise in mental health

Homewood Health today announced the launch of Homewood Pathfinder, the evolution of their Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) currently being delivered to over 3 million Canadians and their family members.

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Homewood Health - Dec 15th 2021

Wellness Together Canada encourages everyone to #TakeThatStep with access to free mental health support available 24/7

With a rise in mental distress as people grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and the emotional dialogue around racial equality, a new campaign is launching with the message that mental health is a journey. And you are not alone.

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Homewood Health / Kids Help Phone / Stepped Care Solutions - Jun 15th 2020

New online platform launches to provide people across Canada with immediate mental health and substance use support as COVID-19 escalates

Wellness Together Canada the first and only online mental health platform of its kind in Canada for people of all ages, in every province and territory.

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Homewood Health/ Kids Help Phone - Apr 16th 2020

First of its Kind, Private Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centre in Western Canada Opens on Vancouver Island

First private stand-alone inpatient mental health services in Western Canada

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Homewood Health - Jun 18th 2019

Homewood Health Launches New Trauma Support Program in Vancouver Clinic

The Homewood Clinic in Vancouver to offer customized, intensive outpatient treatment of PTSD and other trauma related conditions.

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Homewood Health - Nov 6th 2017

Homewood Health Clinicians Shine Light on PTSD at Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference

Homewood Health is pleased to announce its continued support of efforts to address PTSD in the workplace. Homewood Health was a lead sponsor of last week’s Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference, an annual gathering of industry professionals from across Ontario focused on workplace wellness, health and safety, workers’ compensation and disability management.

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Homewood Health - Oct 24th 2017

Understanding Depression

Everybody goes through ups and downs in their lives, but normal life experiences shouldn’t be confused with the serious mental disorder known as Depression. One of the most common mood disorders, depression can have serious and lasting implications on an individual's mental and physical health. (e.g. increased aches and pains, chronic fatigue, heart disease, etc.).

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Homewood Health - Oct 4th 2017

Youth, Teens and Mental Health

It’s no secret the emotions and actions of youth and teenagers can be a dizzying array of ups, downs, quirks and contradictions. But, where mood swings, tantrums, and dramatic phases do constitute what have always been accepted as a normal part of growing up, there are notable instances when shifts in mood and behaviour may be indicators of a larger, more daunting issue: mental illness.

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Homewood Health - Oct 3rd 2017

Mental Wellness at Work

Even if you absolutely love what you do, at times the pace of work can become overwhelming and exhausting. Many aspects of work can be stressful: co-worker issues, a demanding boss, an unhappy customer, a looming deadline, too much paperwork, and so on.

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Homewood Health - Oct 2nd 2017

​Helping Grieving Employees

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, whether it’s a spouse, child, family member, co-worker or friend. For some people, grieving (the period of learning to live with the fact that the deceased is gone forever) can bring about strong and sometimes delayed reactions. In the workplace these reactions are important to recognize so that managers and co-workers can provide the best possible support. When the deceased person is a co-worker, employees are likely to go through a grieving process.

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Homewood Health - Sep 8th 2017

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Homewood Health is the Canadian leader in mental health and addiction services. With over 130 years of experience, we achieve outstanding outcomes every day through our national network of nearly 4,500 employees and clinical experts, and through the Homewood Health Centre — one of Canada’s largest and leading facilities for medical treatment of mental health and addiction disorders. Our complete continuum of services includes organizational wellness, assistance programs, assessments, outpatient and inpatient treatment, recovery management, return to work and family support services, customized to meet the specialized needs of individuals and organizations. Homewood Health is redefining mental health and addiction services to help Canadians live healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives.