Helping to connect your employees with the appropriate level of care

A successful return to work begins with the right treatment

Homewood is unique in its ability to support individuals and organizations from end to end with the country’s widest range of treatment options targeted to specific conditions and tailored to your unique needs. From our outpatient services to our inpatient and residential care, there is no better place for you or your employees to access the right treatment, at the right time, in the right place.

The Homewood Difference

At Homewood we know that no effective treatment program is complete without a focus on recovery management, reintegration and relapse prevention. As such, we have built innovative programs for families as they support their family member who is participating in a Homewood program, and aftercare programs for our patients and clients. Beyond that, we work with managers and other key personnel to help create the environment for a successful and sustained return in the workplace.


Successful treatment goes beyond the care

At Homewood, treatment plans are always tailored to the particular needs of each patient or client. With our unique ability to help people on their path to mental and physical wellness through solution-focused and evidence-based treatment programs—we are providing organizations and individuals with a breadth and depth of services to help them maintain or return to optimal mental health, as well as the support they need to identify their options and achieve better outcomes.

Inpatient & Residential Treatment

Mental health programs that require full-time admission to one of our facilities. These inpatient care options offer the highest level of treatment intensity, particularly when patients are facing complex mental health issues that involve multiple biomedical, psychological and/or workplace factors.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Treatment options include a full range of community-based services that can vary in frequency and intensity while addressing mental health issues. Employees access these services while maintaining their routines, yet still working to address barriers to good health and obstacles to returning to work.

Recovery Management Programs

When intensive treatments conclude, our priority is to sustain employee recovery by providing aftercare programs and resources. Our recovery management professionals evaluate, provide support and act as information conduits in collaboration with their employer, healthcare professionals and clinical staff.

Family Support Programs

For family members who want to understand and contribute to the treatment and recovery process. Family program content is customized according to the loved one’s specific treatment, and also addresses the impact mental health challenges can have on affected families, loved ones and caregivers.

We are unique and unparalleled in our treatment ability

In addition to our clinical and medical expertise, Homewood is best positioned to understand the needs of employers. Working with over 6,000 employers gives us unparalleled insight into the challenges employers face when dealing with mental health and addiction issues within their organizations. We clearly understand the need to demonstrate value, and the need to place equal focus on helping an employee get better and on successfully returning them to work.

Homewood is unique in its ability to provide a true continuity of service and care through its own professionals and facilities. We provide inpatient care to patients from all across Canada and we operate one of the country’s largest inpatient addictions treatment programs, the largest inpatient eating disorders program, and the only inpatient trauma program in Canada.

Addiction Medicine Service (AMS)

The AMS offers services for adults suffering from addictions with a number of specialized tracks including health care professionals and those with concurrent psychiatric disorders.

Assessment & Stabilization Unit (ASU)

The ASU provides comprehensive, independent psychiatric and functional assessments. These include assessments of individuals with more specific and complex mental health issues.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Care (CPC)

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Care program is aimed at minimizing symptoms related to chronic mental illness and helping individuals reach their maximum level of functioning.

Eating Disorders Program (ED)

One of the largest inpatient eating disorders programs in Canada, the ED program helps women and men aged 16 and older regain control over their lives.

Integrated Mood & Anxiety Program (IMAP)

Specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. Includes orientation, assessment and treatment.

Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery (PTSR)

The PTSR creates a sense of community, where trauma survivor helps trauma survivor through the healing process.

Programs for Older Adults (POA)

The POA interdisciplinary team offers assessment and individualized treatment, and recommendations for the management of care.

"When my daughter died my doctor said all I had to do was put one foot in front of the other to get through each day. Being at Homewood has taught me to walk again. Thank you to everyone."