Leading the way with creativity and innovation

We are led by a diverse team of innovative and qualified professionals

Our leaders have decades of experience in a wide range of fields. They are driven by their values and passion for helping people improve their lives.

Jagoda Pike

President & CEO

Francine Bolduc

EVP, Human Resources

Carlos Lalonde

Chief of Staff & EVP, Medical Services

Jared Landry

EVP, Growth & Strategy

Al Van Leeuwen

EVP, Operations

Dr. Ann Malain

EVP, Workplace Mental Health & Clinical Services

Kimberly Mirotta

EVP, Finance & Administration

Sean Slater

EVP, Revenue & Customer Experience

We are a tight-knit family fueled by our mutual passion for helping people get better and get the right care.

- Jagoda Pike,President and CEO, Homewood Health Inc. & Homewood Health Centre